Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

heart vs adore

If I let you love me
Be the one adored
Would you go all the way
Be the one I'm looking for
If i let you love me (If i Say)
Be the one adored (Its O.k)
Would you go all the way (You can Stay)
Be the One I'm looking for 

(Paramore - Adore)

it's not totally about my life
i think just something trouble with my mind
especially for about 2 weeks ago
tell about expressing of heart

after i know all of this consequence
i give up, boy

i'm not crying 'bout you
hey! totally surprise yet?
'cause that i know you love someone

hi, heart!
i'm sorry for this
make you adore who i know it's can't i get 

yes i adore him yet ...

but for now ,
i leave ...

bye , (again) heart 

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