Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Model : Dinia Audia

here's one picture that I took a few days ago. errrr ~ I think a little weird, huh? yes ... I tried to take the best pose. beautiful, right? yes ... She was the first high school class 3. looksvery pretty:)

when in fact she had asked to be photographed. hahahah ~ but never mind, anyway I was rarely at home. more often struggling with the computer to do the job. 

errr~ look cute :) 

damn, pretty cool

laugh :)

she was beautiful, right? very confident as well when she said 'I was pretty' haha ~ and when hearing my answer just 'yes, you're beautiful.'

little girl with a cute dress :) 

I love when she smiles, I love you my sister :)

skin is slightly browned, and I think that's what makes it look different, right? I think many people would like it to be a model.

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