Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

sorry, mom :(

you know ...
when a lot of things I think about the current
one that really made me think
I chose it wrong all these options
without someone who knows it
if I tried
attempted within the limits
I do not have the ability
I could find a gap through
it's not as easy as I was turning the palm of the hand

you ever feel may never know
know how hard to try
weight when I can not see the people around you
person who is to become your spirit can not smile because ye

I cursed myself
yes, I can not in this limitation.
sorry ..
even millions of words of endless forgiveness beautiful
I'm stupid
I can not nothing
can not make you smile
began when the spirit so far at my age to eighteen years old who

feel old?
very ...
even if age could kutukar with the happiness of two parents who loved me, would easily give her the most beautiful gifts.

sorry, mother.
I have not been able to make you smile off when you look at me now
can only make you see me cry.

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